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Improve website speed with XFC PHP Cache Software

XFC php cache software simple and easy to use

PHP Cache Software can double your website speed and save cpu usage so that your website visitors see your webpages more quickly. This can potentially improve your search engine ranking. Furthermore, cached files are more difficult to hack.

As a developer you can then concentrate on improving your php scripts and products for your customers and XFC php cache software will take care of the caching for you. It makes your life easier too, trying to maintain which webpages are cached and which are not...

About the developer of XFC PHP Cache Software

Dr. Peter Achutha

"Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Achutha, a Computer Engineer and have a few websites that are under daily attack by hackers. On one occasion one of my sites was attacked 28,000,000 times within a 24 hour period. The CPU usage, on my shared hosting website, shot through the roof and I received warning letters from my hosting service provider. So I decide to do something about this and developed XFC - eXtra Fast Computing, pre-Compiling, Caching,. a PHP Cache Control system for Caching PHP Pages. Do note that cached files are immune to certain hacking techniques."

XFC PHP Cache, the Xtra Fast Computing for php websites

XFC php cache with disk cache and memcached

XFC PHP Cache was developed for php programmers and website publishers. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced php programmer as it will help you pre-compile and cache all your cacheable php scripts so that your websites appear fast to your readers and as a result minimizes your CPU usage. Don't use XFC for standard blog software such as WordPress as they have been designed differently.

Minimizing CPU usage is very important if your website is on a shared hosting account. Once you exceed your CPU usage your shared hosting provider will normally limit access to your websites and make them appear real slow.

Visitors to a slow website will normally not wait for the webpage to complete downloading into their browser before moving on to another website. Does your website take many seconds to download? If so, you are losing visitors and customers. You can lose many visitors and many will never come back to your site in the future. That is not good if you are trying to sell something on your website, right? So speed it up with XFC.

Worst still your Google Ranking can be affected if your websites appears to be too slow.

Double your webpage speed by caching

how to improve website speed

Your web page speed can double which means your website visitors will see many of your web pages almost twice as quickly. That means you get to keep your visitors attention and interest in your website. This can translate to potential sales.

Your cached page speed doubles if your server is heavily loaded. If your shared server is idling most of the time you will probably see the cached page speed improvement of 24% to 50%. If your shared server is heavily loaded with other websites, you can see the cached page speed double. You don't need to use PHP APC Cache and you can have Memcached MySQL with XFC as separate instances or sharing the same instance of memcache.

I used XFC PHP Cache software to speed up my website without memcached

Here is a bonus:XFC PHP Cache can measure website speed.

Here are the results of 2 almost identical pages tested by XFC. Yes, XFC can do your Web Page Speed Test. The files are
1. http://www.dpawhs.com/test1.php (not cached, no Like buttons)
2. http://www.dpawhs.com/test2.php (xfc cached, no Like buttons)

first page speed timing results without like buttons

The test results above are for pages that do not have Like Buttons and without Memcached.

XFC does not measure how long it takes for any java script of Facebook, Google+, Twitter ... Like & Share buttons, to download but rather when php has completed processing and displayed at the browser. Hence XFC, in some sense shows how quickly your page will begin to appear in the browser and for this reason too, is able to show you the execution time of your php script. Do note that execution time is not CPU usage time. This means that XFC can test speed of website and php execution time.

Caching can double your php web page speed

In the example above the pages were simple static pages hence we saw a performance improvement of about 35%. Caching can double your webpage speed especially if your php scripts do a lot of processing before displaying. The simplest way to reduce your cpu usage and improve your dynamic webpage performance is to use a short cache expiry period. For example if your pages update everytime someone views it, for example a news website to get the latest news, set the cache period to half an hour or one hour. This will show cached pages for half an hour or one hour before the cache is rebuilt by your php script rerunnning and updating the displayed information.

Furthermore, if you are using memcache or memcached you will see significant web page speed improvement especially if you have high visitor counts. There are reports that claim memcached does not provide significant improvements but from our testing we saw huge improvements in web site speed when there is high visitor traffic. This is when memcached really shines.

XFC can also be used to time html scripts.

Isn't that great? All data presented was carried out on a live shared hosting website hence the figures will vary every time depending on how loaded the shared hosting server was at the time of the tests.

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